North Coast Angler
Western NY , Salmon River and Oak Orchard Creek, November 11-15-2012

Our trip west this past week found chilly weather and low water that made for very challenging fishing and slow catching, but we did totally enjoy being out there. Also of note was the largest crowd of anglers that I can ever remember seeing for the middle of November. We spent 3 days on the Salmon with a reasonable number of hook-ups per day. The low water conditions necessitated very light tippet and small fly patterns to get the wary steelhead hooked but with 3x tippet, fast low water and the maze of sharp boulders and tree fall, bringing them to net was futile in some cases. But we did manage to get a few steelhead to smile for the camera before release including a big hen (14-15 pounds) that I was able to play well enough to land. Our most effective fly for the week was a #12 Pheasant Tail nymph (bead head or otherwise). We also made the 2.5 hour drive (each way!) from Pulaski to Waterport and spent a day chasing browns at the Oak Orchard River. We did enjoy catching, releasing and losing(!) a few quality trout each. The best brown was about 10 pounds (Al) that slipped the net before I could get a photo and I had the misfortune of losing a super steelhead (that completely tore up the pool) just as the landing net entered the water! A fun and interesting few days fishing W. NY.

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